Monday, 21 January 2013

A Snowy Big Garden Birdwatch at the Palm House

Palm House Snowmen

A hardy band of volunteers made their way to Sefton Park’s Palm House for Sunday’s event.
Our aim, to tell as many people as possible about next weekends 'Big Garden Birdwatch'
The weather was cold and snowy, not as heavy as Friday’s blizzard but still persistent, fortunately the Palm House was as you would expect, warm and dry. A steady stream of visitors came in out of the cold and our tables were busy with animated conversations about the perils of Cats and Magpies, identification queries; what was that strange thrush like bird in the garden this morning?
Austin,Dan and Peter  are ready 
 Children and parents alike had fun making suet filled bird feeder logs, pre-drilled by Chris, a sticky mess but all but 2 went off to new homes and grateful Liverpool garden birds.
Suet log anyone?
Our friends on the national RSPB table Danny and Austin were kept busy and we were very pleased to hear 5 adult and 1 child national memberships had been taken up. Danny and Austin work at the RSPB’s Burton Mere Wetlands reserve and their presence meant they had the opportunity to highlight the reserves attractions to hopefully future visitors.

Our Wex group also had lots of visitors and children were observed happily ‘colouring in’ whilst their parents drank a restorative hot coffee.

Were pleased to say we engaged with 292 visitors to the Palm House. One gent signed up and joined our local group on the spot with plenty of others taking away information and membership sheets.

Welcome smiles from the local group membership team
John gets busy -Mike Cosgrove
Ready to open
Vistiors - Mike Cosgrove

As for the birds? well the Parakeets eluded us throughout the day with only Neil noticing 2 sleepy keets in a tree.
Sleepy Parakeets. Neil Prendergast
 All the usual residents were present on the tables and at the feeding station.  Great and  Blue tits, Nuthatch, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Magpies ,Robins, Wood and feral pigeons, Jays and Squirrels Crows, Redwing and Mistle Thrush were on the fields. However it seemed a surprisingly quiet day maybe not quite as much frantic feeding as one would expect? I’d like to think that perhaps they had had their fill, as quite a few of our visitors left us clutching bags of mixed seed and monkey nuts. Destined we hope not just to feed the gerbils of one young visitor!! 

Palm House Mike Cosgrove

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