Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Inglorious day update. Now write to your MP

Not so happy inglorious 12th day , god help anything that flies over our Moors 😭😠😡

On Sunday 7/08/16 a few of us (could you have gone? next year- if it happens?) went to the Hen Harrier day at Dunsop Bridge determined to add our voices against the wilful and criminal act of raptor persecution(any wild things that get in the way). 
After the uplifting rally led by Terry Pickford from Raptor politics (including a visit from the Grim reaper who came for a grouse shooter-  
We had a picnic on the Duke of Westminster's grouse moor. 

RSPB NEWS 18/08/16 : Elwood - First tagged hen harrier of 2016 goes missing.
If this is important you 

Where do you live? make sure your voice is heard. Sign,pass it on
and write to you MP*;) winking (Template below to help)   

WALTON                      88
WAVERTREE                  140 
RIVERSIDE                  234
GARSTON & HALEWOOD         166 
KNOWSLEY                   112    
BOOTLE                     138
SEFTON CENTRAL             154 
HALTON                     123
ST HELENS NTH              124
WEST LANCS                 177 



Our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting achieved 100,000 signatures on the morning of 13 August. It is still open for signature until 20 September but the emphasis now passes, for me at least, to the parliamentary debate which should ensue.

I will hear on the evening of 6  September or morning of 7 September whether we have been given a debate (we should be) and the date of that debate (it will be after 9 October and will be a Monday afternoon).

Please do ask your friends to sign the e-petition but there is something else that you can do - and that is to write to your MP.

Here are some words you could use to write to your MP about a hoped-for debate on driven grouse shooting.

This link will help you find your MP and their email address or postal address, provided you know their name or the name of the constituency in which you live.  You should only write to your own MP. Many MPs have their own websites with online forms that ask you for your details – they are quite easy to use.  If you simply email your MP then you should include your name and address to confirm that you are a constituent of theirs.
You should get an acknowledgement of your email pretty quickly – it may simply be an automated response at this stage – that’s fine.

I would be very grateful if you would let me know that you have contacted your MP by emailing me at with your name, the name of your MP, the name of your constituency. When you get a substantial reply from your MP I would be grateful if you would let me know. If you use the template below then I would be grateful if you would let me know whether your MP says he/she will try to attend any debate, whether she/he intends to speak, and any indication of the line they might take.

The more emails that are sent the better. Please don’t assume that someone else will do it so you don’t have to – they may be thinking the same.  Please do let me know that you have done this – I will be keen to help you with any ensuing correspondence on this subject – you aren’t alone in this.  If you have never emailed or written to your MP before – don’t be afraid, they are all too human.

Dear [name of your MP]
I am a constituent of yours and I signed the e-petition on the parliament website entitled Ban Driven Grouse Shooting That e-petition has passed 100,000 signatures and therefore is expected to receive a debate in Westminster Hall some time later than 9 October.  In our constituency of [name of constituency] XXX people have supported this petition. [You can look up the number by using this link].
I hope that when the date of the debate is determined you will be able to attend the debate – would it be your intention to do so?
I hope that when the debate occurs you might feel able to represent my views in that debate. I want to see driven grouse shooting banned/stronger regulation of driven grouse shooting/changes in the way our hills are managed [select one of these or use your own words]. Do you think you would be able to speak on that subject?
I would be grateful for your response and the opportunity to brief you on the subject if you are planning to attend the debate.

Yours sincerely
Your name
and address if you haven’t already given it.

Go on - send that email please!

There is another petition on a related subject, this time directed at the Scottish parliament. It has over 5000 signatures and closes on Monday. this petition asks for proper regulation of gamebird shooting in Scotland and is supported by the RSPB and Scottish Raptor Study Groups. Please add your name to this petition - particularly if you live in Scotland.

Please use the power you have as a citizen to call on decision-makers to make the right decisions.

best wishes
Mark Avery

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Wild Adventures in the park

Hi Liverpool folk
We are turning our minds towards Wild Days and Wild Play to entice you into the park over the summer.  All of you! Kids, dogs, and everyone in the family to explore our fabulous park and discover new delights.  Bug hunts, guided nature trails. Be a nature explorer. Trees, bugs, butterflies, bees, flowers and the possibility that we, by acting together could save the planet!  What could be more exciting than that!  Watch this space for ways to get you and my you love involved!  Hope to see you in the park this summer!
@TreehouseCIC.  @RSPBLiverpool