Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another Big Garden Birdwatch

So how did your Garden Birdwatch go?

I have to admit to being a little disappointed in my visitors today. Although I don’t appear to have been alone, for many on the RSPB community forums it was a case of the minute the snow went, the bird went with it!

Most of my usual friends were about,  although  some of these were down on expected numbers.
The Garden seemed unusually quiet today. The weather was fine; the heavy snow of Friday evening had thawed. It was windy though and those arriving seemed easily spooked especially by gulls flying over? I assumed there may have been a Sparrowhawk about it, but if it was I didn't see it.

My Count

Starlings    6    (Usual 9+)
Blackbirds  3   (Recent 8+)
Sparrows  16+  (Normal, but difficult to count very skittish).
Blue tit  2     (This year's nestbox pair- female roosting)
Great tit  2    (Another pair for the garden)
Robins  2    (Another pair for the garden)
Dunnock 1   (Usual 2)
Pigeon 1   (Missing the rest of his pesky flock thankfully)
Goldfinch 1  (Recent 7 up to 14)
Coal tit 1     (Normal)
Jackdaw 1   (Infrequent 1/2)

Missing recent daily visitors: Wren, Grey Wagtail, Magpie, Song Thrush, Jay, Chaffinch.

A moment with the ones that stayed away.

Pondside mealworm eater - Grey Wagtail
Water louse on the menu for our pond foraging Wren
A long awaited winter visitor, arrived in the snow on
 21/01/13,  dined on apples.
Monkey nuts, a Jay's favourite  snack

Well that was my day, how about you?


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Liverpool RSPB said...

I did BGBW but my birds were quiet too. 10 species 14 birds in my hour. Female blackcap still in mine.