Thursday, 30 October 2014

A bad apple can spoil everything

Know a bad apple?

Take the bloke who thinks it's okay to kill birds of prey.
Maybe you know him.
He might even be someone who tells you it's part of the job. He understands that killing protected wildlife is illegal. He's aware that it drags the good name of gamekeeping through the mud.
But who will end up in court, possibly prison, when it all goes wrong? He'll watch his own back. It's unlikely he'll be watching yours.
If you have any information about the illegal killing of birds of prey, call the RSPB's confidential hotline on 0845 466 3636*.
Together, we can make a stand for what's right.
* Calls to this number are not recorded and will be treated in strictest confidence.
We know that some people are pressurised into illegally killing birds of prey. We hope this hotline will encourage anyone with knowledge of such crimes to come forward and help us end the killing.

How you can help

The hotline telephone number above is intended as a confidential method for gamekeepers and other people connected with the shooting industry to report offences against birds of prey. For more general enquiries please click on the link below.

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