Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Butterfly conservation need your help

Big Butterfly counters, you already know how important it is that we protect our beautiful butterflies and moths. The results of the count show that species are in decline but we can make a difference with your help, and now have the opportunity to make your donation worth ten times more!

Painted Lady

In 1996 a tax on landfill waste was introduced to encourage recycling and waste reduction. The unique part about this green tax is that funds raised are made available for environmental projects.

We can apply to this fund providing we can secure a matching 10% from other sources and
this is where you can help.

By supporting Match Pot, every 10p you donate will allow us to spend £1 on vital conservation work to protect butterflies. If you are able to apply Gift Aid to your donation we can also include this extra element. This means a donation of £8 to Match Pot with Gift Aid is actually worth £100 to Butterfly Conservation. That is a fantastic return in these difficult financial times. Many Butterfly Conservation projects have already benefited from the initiative. But there is still more work to be done.
We hope you can support our Match Pot 3 appeal and make your gift worth 10 times more and help save your precious wildlife


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