Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bittern sighting

Coming back from a couple of nights away in Keswick we stopped off at Leighton Moss. The reserve was totally frozen except for one small stream near the members hide and after waiting for some 30 mins or so we got the most fantastic sighting of a bittern which walked down the stream and past us at about 8 foot distance. Managed to get the attached photo.

Phil & Bren Antrobus

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Looking for birds in the snow!

Welcome to 2010 and better bird watching!

Well the group walk around the Black Woods and the adjoining Childwall Woods and Fields in the snow looking for for woodlands birds was very quiet. Most of the birds must of moved out of the woods and into peoples gardens cos it was very quiet. Small flocks of blue, great, coal and long tailed tits tried to find insects in the trees.

Treecreeper did its usual and went around the tree once you found it. The grey squirrels were much in evidence. The Black Woods is a small area of woodland which is left to do its own thing and that is great cos too much cutting down doesnt always benefit wildlife.

We crossed over Woolton rd and checked out the other side which recieves lots of management. It was still quiet but then if your a bird and the trees look like this then wouldnt you move on to garden feeding.
The next walk is Saturday 16th Jan along the Sefton Coast meeting at Hightown Station for 10.45.