Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Where have all the Starlings gone?

Keith's been making friends..

You don`t see many Starlings these days according to the RSPB, well I've seen many of them recently at the Coast Guard Station at Crosby.They will land on your hand if you tempt them enough,quite a buzz.

I still get some in the garden, not the bigger flocks of old though. I  try and make sure they get a share of the live mealworms during breeding season to help them along. I’m a Starling fan, love their inquisitive spottiness.  Had a couple of leucistic babies in 2007           http://www.rspbliverpool.org.uk/Nestcam07.htm
I’ve met some  of the Starlings at the coastguard station last year when I was getting signatures for the ‘save our coast guard petition'.  They know where the handouts are.




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