Tuesday, 6 November 2012

An unfortunate death

One of members Gareth reported this yesterday.
Here we have an unfortunate Woodcock, come to an early end.

I thought you may be interested to see this photo an old school friend, Matt Biagetti sent me. It's of a dead woodcock he saw near Dale Street in Liverpool city centre! What do you think happened to it? I wouldn't have expected to see one around there?

Hi Gareth,
Normally young birds fly into buildings, fog is normally a big problem to migrating birds. The October full moon is normally called Woodcock moon as it is the time for them move.

Folklore and culture

In the United Kingdom, the early arrival of migrant Woodcock in autumn was said to mean a good harvest, especially if they stayed until spring. It used to be thought that Eurasian Woodcock flew to the moon during the months when they were not seen and the first full moon in November, when large numbers arrive on the British coast, is sometimes described as the 'Woodcock moon'.

An old folk name for the Goldcrest was the "Woodcock pilot" because of the mistaken belief that the warblers rode in the feathers of migrating woodcock. (What a vision!)


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