Monday, 5 November 2012

Liverpool members. Site visit report

Seeing as it was a nice sunny day and I had chosen a good day to take off work! I had a quick  looksy at one of  'Stores' favourite local patches today; Mab Lane Community Woodlands (site guide to follow). Similar in concept to Huyton Lane Wetlands , a neglected site has been developed for the community
This is a little wild oasis between housing estates.  The new woodland links two old waterlogged sports fields, Mab lane fields and the Backfield. Situated close to Stockbridge village aka Cantril Farm this has had a reputation of an area of unsociable behaviour and I was a little tentative in my exploration, however I only came across a couple of dog walkers, cyclists and  walkers probably on their way to Tesco! 
Open grassland, natural grasses(wildflowers in summer) boggy in places with shrub/woodland around edges and  an interior area alongside the 'Brook'. 'Stores' reckons Kingfishers are here but I wasn't so lucky today. The Brook is running fast and is clear but I didn't see any fish or supporting pond weed so I'm not sure what the fisher is eating! There is a small reed bed by the brook. 
Good paths are laid through the park  leading to several entrances. 
The woodland has been planted  by the Forestry commission/Mersey forest's access to nature project with a myriad of trees including patches of Silver birch, Beech, Oak and Conifer. An impressive trees - 20,000 were planted between 2009-2010. I didn't notice any berry bearing trees? I'll take another look. 

.  Birds noted today. 5 raucous Jays fighting over Acorns in the large Oak at the  Deyesbrook lane entrance.
Charming Goldfinches, Great tit and long tailed tits, Blackbird, Robin,Wren, Magpie, Crow. 5 Mallards, a Moorhen and a Grey Wagtail were on the Brook.

In 2008  Chris Storey commented: 
'I think shallow ponds,walkways and foot paths to get around the bogged areas would be a good idea. I would also like to see a wild flower meadow to attract the insects which in turn would bring in more birds, also blue bells planted in the woodlands would bring a bit of colour. Possibly a bird feeding station and a screen to watch from.In all i think it is a great idea to see a disused field put to some use.

No feeding station,probably not going to happen. 1 shallow pond I think.  Bluebells - Chris?


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