Sunday, 2 December 2012

Newsham Park 1/12/12

I found a spare 10 minutes on Saturday and thought I would go and see if the Pochard have arrived back at Newsham Pk but they hadnt! There used to be a small wintering flock that liked this lake. Mallard, canada geese, coot, moorhen, some dubious mixed species were being watched by a grey heron.


A walk round the main lake and I found a greylag goose in with these canada geese's but the real surprise was 5 muscovy ducks.  Here is 3 of them. A lady with her children got a bit worried by them.

There was plenty of grey squirrels but a great spotted woodpecker was knock bits out of a branch. The other lake had a solitary greylag goose which was honking for any passing friends.

Keep looking for the pochard.

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