Sunday, 9 December 2012

If you build it, they will come!

Sunday 8.30 am.
So there I was at the kitchen sink filling the kettle, watching the Blackbirds popping about the lawn.  When Whoa  ‘What’s that?’ there in my little Cherry tree…. a Cresty head, Yellow little tipped tail…..Waahh Waxwing. Laura running to the patio window....

Waxwing in Cherry tree

My decision to make a cuppa instead of jumping into the shower first thing was  to prove  a fortuitous one.  Looks like the RSPB’s tip of  hanging/putting out apples has paid off.
Two hungry Waxwings, pecking at the leftover  apples in the nook and in the neighbours apple tree. Note - Berries out already?
Only managed a couple of pics in the dim light, before  they left in a rain squall, but I’ll be watching- every opportunity I get from know on.

Waxwings & Apples


1 comment:

Liverpool RSPB said...

Congratulations Laura on adding these beauties to your garden list.
Im band from feeding at the mo since a couple of 4 legged friends jumped up and doewn in the loft!!