Sunday, 6 March 2016

Swan watch

Called into Stadt moers park  a week ago. 
There's a pond on the far side that usually has some waterfowl and grebes. Two swans were present, appeared to be a couple and both ringed, so I took their numbers and sent them off to the swan people.
Two youngsters:

Darvic CFF6 green = Female cygnet, ringed  31st December 2013 at Spike Island Widnes.  (David Cookson, Cheshire Swan Study Group)  
Blue Darvic 4ADZ, which was ringed as a male cygnet at Sefton Park on the 20th December 2013. It has been seen at various places in Merseyside, as well as a trip to Pennington Flash at Leigh ! (Wes Halton, North West Swan Study)

I asked if they might breed? -  'This swan is not quite old enough but strange things have happened'  

Will have to go back and see if their staying😉

Another thing I noticed, which is a little disturbing was the condition of the trees, an awful lot appear to be under siege from the local bunnies? l think the rangers will have to something quickly, a couple of stoats probably wouldn't go a miss!

Tree damage

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