Sunday, 26 July 2015

RSPB LIVERPOOL Members Group - Photography Competition

Here at RSPB Liverpool , we love to embrace the outdoors; venture a little closer to nature and immerse ourselves in Liverpool's beautiful wildlife and flora. It's the best way to experience moments you will never forget!
If nature inspires you, why not share a special moment or encounter you've had with us, and enter our Giving Liverpool nature a home calendar 2017 competition. It can be a bird, bug, plant, animal or even a beautiful view.
We are looking for a total of twelve spectacular photographs of nature and wildlife taken by our members to use in our Giving Liverpool nature a home calendar 2017.

RSPB LIVERPOOL Group -  Photography Competition Rules

·       Aims - all money raised from the competition and subsequent calendar sales (less costs) will be donated to RSPB
·       The competition is open to Members of the RSPB Liverpool Group
·       Photographs can be submitted in 1 category - Birds/nature of Liverpool  postcode area L1 – L38 
·       Photographs of domestic animals (ie pets), zoo animals and cultivated plants are not eligible
·       Images of British Wildlife in captivity are also not eligible.
·       No wildlife or habitats should be harmed, put at risk, or unduly disturbed in the process of taking photographs.
·       NO Fee, up to 3 photographs colour or black and white.
·       The overall winner will receive kudos and a copy of the calendar
·       Photographs should be provided as prints no larger than A4, in landscape format
·       Name and contact details to be written on the back of each photograph
·       Submission Deadline is April AGM 2016 for 2017
·       Submit to Chris Tynan  or hand to a committee member at an indoor meeting
·       This competition is open to amateur photographers only

·       Winners will be required to submit their original high resolution digital files. These files should be of sufficient quality to reproduce to the following specifications: 300 dpi.(dots per inch: a measure of resolution used for printed text or images, the more dots per inch, the higher the resolution.) Landscape images must have a minimum width of 3354 pixels x height 1736 pixels. Portrait images must have a minimum of 2008 pixels x height 2445 pixels (See attached sparrow photo these photos will probably save as mega large files, this one is 3354 x 1736 pixels and 300 dpi)

·      RSPB Liverpool cannot accept any responsibility for any technical problems which may result in any entry being lost or delayed.
·       Pictures must not have been published in any other calendar or similar publication.

·       Full copyright title remains with the author/owner
·       Entrants under 18 must have parental or legal guardian consent prior to entering the competition
·       The  RSPB Liverpool Group may retain your contribution and may choose to display your entry on a website. The intention is to create a 2017 Wildlife calendar to raise funds. With this in mind it is assumed that entrants agree to the use of their photographs for this purpose. (If this is not the case please do not submit photographs). The Group may also publish your contribution in other media (on the Group's website for instance); where possible we will approach you directly to confirm your permission for further publication.

Judging will take place at the Group's Indoor Meeting of  Monday April Agm 2016

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