Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Laughing all the way

Lucky Warren caught up with a rare uk visitor today. 

Hiding out with the turnstones, redshank and Purple Sandpipers was a yank, a first year Laughing gull. These gulls normally winter in south America, along way from home. Maybe it just dropped in for Starbucks!

Laughing gull - Warren Sumner

  • Laughing Gulls are medium-sized gulls with fairly long wings and long legs that impart a graceful look when they are flying or walking. They have stout, fairly long bills.Laughing Gulls are medium gray above and white below. Summer adults have a crisp black hood, white arcs around the eye, and a reddish bill. In winter, the hood becomes a blurry gray mask on a white head. The legs are reddish black to black. Immatures are much browner and more subtly patterned than adults; they take 2-3 years to gain adult plumage.
No doubt New Brighton Marine lake will be knee deep in twitchers tomorrow.



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