Sunday, 5 October 2014

Liverbird Cruise

Saturday 4th October at 8.30am it was bouncing down in Liverpool and thoughts of running the Liverbird cruise out into the Liverpool bay was bleak. By 11am on board the Mersey Ferry Snowdrop the weather had changed for the better and the sun had come out.

While at Seacombe terminal a nice mediterranean gull flew round the ship and a grey seal put in an appearance. Picking up at the Pier Head and then over to Woodside meant that everyone had a chance to see the peregrine falcon sitting on Hamilton Square tower. The only downside to the day was we had strong southerly winds which helped create quite a swell.

We got out of the mouth of the Mersey and for a change the gulls didn't want to follow us or come in for the bread. Maybe the gulls were happy to loaf about on Crosby beach. A solitary tern was seen out in the bay but not much else. Looking out on to the dog leg route out of the Mersey the waves were getting bigger and the swell had us head back into the safety of the river mouth.

In no time at all the black headed gulls swooped in for the bread. The grey seal put in an appearance again by Seacombe terminal.

As we headed down to Eastham you could see the mud being exposed and the waders starting to appear and feed.

I spent so much time searching for a star bird that I even started looking to the skies for help. I needn't have worried because I spotted a tern on the Wirral side of the Mersey and shouted over the mic Black Tern! This migrant headed to the back of the boat where luckily lots of the passengers had cameras snapping away. 4 common terns were in the middle of the river there as well.

Thanks to all the volunteers from RSPB Liverpool and Burton Mere Wetlands helping create a great day.

Thanks to Jeff Cohen of Blackfox photography for the shot of the black tern and Keith Appleton for the rest.

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