Sunday, 30 March 2014

    WORLDS  END.           30.3.14.            very early o'clock !

With the clocks going forward I decided to get up early and try to see the black grouse lek at Worlds End. Sort of meant I could get up an hour later. I know weird logic. Left at 6am, on site by 715am.
I wasn't quite sure where to find the lek but 1 car was parked up when I arrived so just pulled in behind him.

The lek was fantastic......maximum of 12 blackcocks strutting their stuff when I arrived. The noise is incredible. Watched them for the next hour or so. Some really good scraps between some of the birds but mainly lots of strutting and that incredible noise, its got to be one of our greatest wildlife spectacles in this country.

Also loads of meadow pipits, stonechats, tree pipits and wheatear back on territory.

A great morning, and home by 10am.

( pictures not quite up to Neils standard but I hope you like them. )


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Ticker trouble said...

Well done Sean, it really is worth the early start. Stonechat's a real cutie as well!