Monday, 15 April 2013

Winwick puddle the return.

Now he says there are three Little Ringed plovers paddling.
Resistance was futile, after not seeing Lesser spotted woodpecker at Marbury CP yesterday I‘d had enough of not seeing little ‘uns.
Once again I found myself in the pub car park, this time a gale was blowing and the only thing alive on the puddle was a Moorhen.
Disgruntled, I went to feed the ducks at Pennington Flash, always good therapy.   Felt like a re- run of Marbury, singing Chiff chaffs, Blackcaps and Nuthatches.  Everything on the water was being battered in the wind, (couldn’t see the Yellow wagtail if it was there) More sensible birds like the huddled group of 8 Goosanders snoozed on a lagoon island. The Bunting hide was very quiet too only 2 Bullfinches, 1 Greenfinch, 3 Reed buntings visiting with the tits, no lollipops. Must all be out house renovating?
A large stretch of the grassland/woodland toward the canal was burnt black? A Male Bullfinch sitting on a twig showed up beautifully against the background! (Always a silver lining)  Hopefully the area recovers quickly.
Enough of being wind blown, time to head home for cuppa. What the hell, I’ll detour via Winwick again, hope springs eternal.
Pub car park, bino’s out...mmh..... Something small was paddling looks like a White wagtail, it was a Wagtail, but it had some mates. A fluffed up Meadow pipit AND 2 little ringed ploverish mates. HURRAY.   Managed to get some half decent shots before the gale blowing across the open fields incapacitated me, I’d like to say it was tears of joy; I could really have done with a pair of safety goggles!

Seriously titchy, only 6" long, and very nifty on their feet

And the most amazing thing of all? -  I resisted going back to the pub for pudding! 


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Peaty Girl said...

Lovely posting, Laura. It's good to know that there are organisms smaller than I am! You've enticed me to make my way to Winwick soon. Peaty.