Friday, 19 May 2017

A little poem - a birding holiday with Heatherlea by Carole Lacey

Carole went bird-watching up in Aviemore
The scenery was lovely she couldn’t ask for more
Although it did seem chilly the sun it tried to shine
The hotel was warm and cosy and well stocked with wine
There was about 8 of us and much to our surprise
It included a man of 90 who was quite small in size
Although he was barely mobile he tried his very best
He knew a lot about the birds and kept up with the rest
One day we saw an eagle and little crested tits
And a flock of waxwings made us thrilled to bits
We saw a velvet scoter bobbing on the sea
And a lovely Crossbill high up in a tree
The days were quite intensive from 8 o’clock till seven
So when we sat down to supper we felt we were in heaven
But all in all the guides did well and taught us all they knew
So nice to be out bird watching and see a lovely view.

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