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On Sunday morning(17 April) fourteen of the Liverpool RSPB group upped anchors and away and made our away down the M6 to Junction 14 where we all met up at Doxey Marshes. Which is straddled between the  motorway and one of the main railway link routes.
Doxey crew
So we were all quite surprised to see how well the wetland area had been enveloped  for the wildlife and visiting people.
There was only a few small muddy areas and one wet one where we had to tip toe through a few inches of water for a few meters. Other than that it was good walking paths.
We all met in the car park at 10 am and made out way into the reserve following the river Sow for most of the way.
It was and easy walk, all on the level with picturesque views as the small river meandered through the reserve.
All along the hedgerows we could hear many Warblers twittering away and saw the odd few darting from branch to branch in search for insects. As they were in abundance with all the nice weather that we have had.
There were the usual swans and Canada geese on the lakes as well as s courting pair of Great crested Grebes which is always nice to see with their ballet like performance and synchronisation on the water.

Eagle eyed Chris Tynan spotted a Peregrine falcon circling high, high up above us in the sky. As its silhouette gave it away.
After a while we stopped off at one of the reserve's hides and dropped anchor and had a bite to eat while looking out across one of the lakes and saw a few ringed Plovers on a shallow spit.
As we walked on, a Red Kite flew over us .. talk about the old saying .. Red Kite in the morning RSPB warning for another tick in our bird day count books.
As usual we heard firstly and then spotted our beautiful English Jenny Wen, singing to the world at the top of its voice.
We came across a proud male and white female Mallard who were sunbathing after just laying an egg.
We saw five butterflies while en route which is always nice and a good sign to see, as their numbers are down quite a bit.
We all had a Grand Day Out and as usual our leader Chris's expert eyes and ears and enthusiasm towards birding, guided us as we walked along the way.


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