Friday, 18 March 2016

David and Jamie do the Big Garden Bird Watch.

Jamie, my grandson, rang the RSPB on his own initiative to ask for an information pack to do the Big Garden Bird Watch. Bloke at the other end was most impressed at a 10 year old calling.. Jamie asked if I could do BGBW in Sefton Park with him. So we went on a rather wind-chilling day and saw lots of different birds to record. What took me quite by surprise was "Look Granddad there is a dabchick". He saw it before I did. I have never spoken with him about this bird, which I only ever refer to as a little grebe, so he must have got it from a book. 

Little grebe
The other surprise was I heard a noise in the trees above me and before my brain could even begin to process the sound, he said, "Starlings Grandddad". Apart from that, he continued to spot birds before I did and he had to point them out for me! One of the highlight sightings for him was the ring-necked parakeets which have now established themselves in this part of south Liverpool. There must have been 8 - 10 of them around although we never saw any more than three at a time. 
We sealed off this particular granddad - grandson experience on 55 thoroughly-chilled minutes with hot chocolate and chips from the park cafe. Perhaps next year we can do it with the whole family?


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