Saturday, 22 August 2015

Not the Bird fair, but there were massive birds of prey! Southport flower show

Shreks garden

Popped into Southport flower show on friday. Not a bad day out although the entrance price is a little steep at  £20, especially as they wanted another £3 for programme guide!, they didn't get it.

Muddy Boots / Clare's Gardens for Queenscourt Hospice
Chinese theme in floral marquee

Unlike chelsea etc not many show gardens, but had floral marquees, and stalls selling plants, promotioning bees etc.

No Monty but Joe Swift was in attendance.
Joe Swift & BBC radio Lancashire

Very well attended despite the monsoon that arrived about one o'clock off the Irish sea, fortunatley lots of places to take shelter, especially for the visitors in shorts and sandles and the pac a mac stall did a roaring trade.! I had the foresight to take my water proof walking jacket, still got drowned, but the fabric dried quick.

The events arena has some heart warming shows:  Indian runner duck display team and  their sheepdog herders. 
For those concerned, ducks seem well cared for, happy to perform, can't say!?
Meg the herder

And  the dogs  agility show. Many mutts making star performances
Fearless labradoodle

And naturally I was in awe of the eagles and vultures being flown by Ben Potter
Ben and Stellers sea eagle
Lift off


Can't resist showing of these beaks

Steller's sea eagle
White tailed eagle
Bald eagle

Love garden art, couldn't fit em in my pocket! Made from teak tree roots - amazing- animal elegance
Horses- life size

Superb stag


There was a bandstand, where male voice choirs, brass bands, swing bands and singers serenaded the crowds throughout the day Singing in the rain! And two clowns Sonny and Rainbow
Sonny & Rainbow, making light of the pouring rain

Now i've just got to find  places for all the plants I bought, and finish a few home made treats I brought  back with me, mmmh.

Laura :-)


Chris Menga said...

Just seen sea eagle escaped from the show.

laura bimson said...

Yes, just read that on the facebook page, wonder if it's back? Must have fancies a summer holiday on Merseyside

Chris Menga said...

Not seen it again so don't know.

Chris Menga said...

What facebook page wss it on ?

Chris Menga said...

I spoke to Ben - he now has the sea eagle back 😊Thanks for your reply laura.