Tuesday, 26 May 2015

3 visitors to the Mersey

A quick visit on Saturday morning to Speke Garston Coastal Park paid dividends before the visit of the 3 Queens.

Standing on the old ship looking over Garston shore I spotted three sanderlings in with the dunlin and ringed plover. One of the sanderlings had colour rings and a flag bingo!! You can get great recovery records on waders.

I watched the bird for over 30minutes but it always stayed just on the scopes edge. Finally I was happy that the birds right leg had yellow, green flag and red and the left leg had two reds. A quick email and a day later we have the record for the this bird.
The bird was ringed 6/7/2011 in Hochstetter Forland Greenland. The bird was next found 14/11/2013 at Walvis Bay Namibia by Mark Boorman. The bird returned to Namibia and was last seen in November 2014. A remarkable journey of 7148 miles one way!




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laura bimson said...

Thus confirming yet again 'MERSEY MUD MATTERS'