Monday, 26 January 2015

Showy Snow Buntings and a Scoter story

Crosby beach

Missed out on the high tide day trip to Heswall  and consequently the red throated diver, but managed a late afternoon trip to a stormy Crosby beach with hubby who thought climbing dunes would be good exercise, that idea didn’t last long!  Dipped on the snow bunting that’s supposed to be about.  

But caught up with a large ‘parcel’  don’t know where that collective comes from! of Linnets  up to 30 flighty ones, lovely to see.
Sunday saw me chomping at the bit  to follow up another snow bunting lead from twitter.  Once again non birder hubby dragged out with the promise of a stroll from the kings parade to leasowe lighthouse and back.
Coastguard hovercraft
The beach ws busy the local coasguards when on exercises, a hovercraft was out at tthe water edge- just as well as the liverpool echo later  reported ' A family were rescued by the RNLI Hovercraft  after they were nearly cut off by the rising tide. Coastguards stopped a training session carry out a real life rescue at New brighton yesterday.Two men and two young girls had walked out to a sandbank on the beach at around 11.30am and became stuck.' 

Snow Buntingon
Ecstatic, the buntings were exactly where Ron told me, mooching about the flotsam of the strandline  2 out of reported 3. Great little birds to watch. Sprinkled some bird seed in area, may help to keep them about for other birders.

Snow buntings on strandline

Mission completed now for the stroll. Pied wagtails flitted around the breakwater but am unexpected encounter left me surprised, pleased as I hadn’t seen one in the wild close up and little sad, because  this was  female scoter, sitting on the shore close to the sea, I’m more used to  viewing these sea duck s through a telescope way out to sea.
Female scoter

Female Scoter
She was preening her back end feathers, which looked a little scruffy some unknown substance spoiling her plumage.   She seemed content to sit however she didn’t account for a curious boy determined to get  a mobile phone pic, she flew off down towards meols/hoylake along the waters edge. (which is sort of a positive sign?) I’d like to think she’s ok.

On the return leg  a turnstone and  a couple of sanderling treated us to a reasonably close view, again on  the waters edge.


Happy days.

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Ann Tomo said...

Have dipped the Snow Buntings twice now, were they west of the lifeguard station?

Was fairly busy when we were there on Saturday.