Monday, 22 September 2014


Hi All,

After visiting my doctor this morning, I went to the Widnes Butterfly house, Victoria Park Widnes / intent on taking some photo's.  I was lucky as it was very quiet and had the place to myself for about an hour.

I found it difficult getting a decent manual focus on them with my camera and lens, as the sweat was running into my eyes all of the time and my T Shirt was soaked through with the humidity and warmth that the butterflies have to be kept in to keep them alive.

I started taking photo's with my 100m Macro lens and ended up using my 70-200mm as I found it easier to auto focus and get the whole of the subjects in focus. Also could stand further away and not to disturb them.

I found that the camera flash showed the butterflys colours etc up better than without, as it was a bit of a dull day outside in the cooler air.

At one point I had to get out quick, as I frightened a few and the rest stampeded and Ii would have gotten trampled to death ;-)


So what did Neil see:

The butterfly house is open from Thursday to Sunday, 10.30am to 2.30pm, until Sunday, September 28. (Birchfield rd) Widnes WA8 7SU

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laura bimson said...

Some absolute stunners on their facebook page, no wonder Jeff Clarke loves the place.