Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sat 23rd Feb..........popped into Moore LNR today,  12.00-01.30pm.     Great views of male lesser spotted woodpecker, watched for 15 min, calling and drumming, still present when I left, chased by great spotted at one stage.

Last Sun 17th Feb...........Went up to Sizergh. Really good view of Hawfinch in car park, had to wait for an hour, 8.30-9.30am,  lots of other birders waiting too, well worth the wait, what a massive finch.

Then went to Marton mere on way home, wandered round mere, not having a clue where to look until bumped into local birders who showed me long eared owl. Even when looking thru scope from 30 yds away very difficult to see, then it turned its head, big ear tufts and even opened big orange eyes.

Sean.         ( will have to get some photos! )  good winter birding.


Rob said...

Saw two long eared owls at Marton mere today, only because someone knew where to look! Missed out on Cetti's warbler.

Laura said...

If any on else mentions having seen Long Eared Owls, I'll cry

Liverpool RSPB said...

Dont worry Laura I will drive you there next Sunday and show you where they were last seen!!

Laura said...

Chewee,chewee,chewee-wee-wee-wee.Thats Cettis for yippee, which of course we'll also have on our list.