Sunday, 10 February 2008


Some of the members of the group asked for some local walks looking at habitats and the birds that live there. So yesterday I led a short walk around the Black Woods and Childwall Woods and fields.

As this was a woodland walk we expected lots of tits, thrush's, magpies and what ever turned up.

Well what did we see you ask? In the Black Woods it was really good to see lots of dead and rotting trees. In this small wood there was probally 4 to 5 pairs of great spotted woodpecker. With all this rotting timber, treecrepper and nuthatch were doing very well feeding on the wood munching insects.
One of the major surprises for all of us was the wonderfull views of a buzzard flying over the wood 4 miles from the centre of Liverpool. Could this be a new breeding bird in Liverpool for 08!
The outing was quickly over but as we were all saying goodbye a goldcrest flew from the conifers on the roundabout on Woolton rd.
Keep birding.

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