Tuesday, 13 November 2007

For all you gardeners out there

Suttons Seeds have linked up with the RSPB with their RSPB Wildlife Attracting Seeds range: Specially chosen to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden, to help you develop a wildlife haven .
Gardeners have the option, on the purchase of any of the Suttons Wildlife range, to send for a free booklet on how to encourage birds into their gardens. For every pack sold, Suttons are donating 5p to the RSPB.


The RSPB’s Homes for Wildlife is inspiring people to make a real difference for the wildlife that shares the open space closest to them - their garden. It aims to help a range of wildlife, including familiar birds that have seriously declined.
By taking part in Homes for Wildlife, you can make a real difference to their fortunes and help to reverse the declines. We hope that thousands of you across the UK will be able to make your homes and gardens richer in wildlife by following the simple wildlife gardening advice that we provide.


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